Thanks for choosing this Google Gadget! Use the edit controls to enter your own title and image then select the function "Photo Clock". You can also use the edit controls to select colors for the background and the hands of the clock.

Some installations of Photo Clock don't work as well with Internet Explorer. If you are still using IE this would be a good time to switch to the Firefox browser.

Photo Clock will automatically fit your image into the 180 x 180 space as the face of the clock. In order for Photo Clock to find your image, it needs to be available on the web at least the first time you select it.

Photo Clock can not accept images uploaded from your computer. It can only use images already on the web. Here are several free services where you can upload a picture from your computer to the web:

Photo Clock will accept the jpg, gif, bmp and png image types. Depending on the file size of your image it can take a few moments for it to be processed and loaded, especially the first time. Watch for the hourglass cursor that indicates your photo is still being processed. During the inital sizing of your image you may also see just the hands of the clock for a few moments.

If your image cannot be loaded due to an error, Photo Clock will use the plain clock face as the default image.